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Our Lessons

Individually-tailored piano lessons with a professional teacher.

My lessons are specially tailored around you as a student, meaning that no matter what your level or musical style that you would like to play I will shape a course of lessons to help you reach your personal goals.

I offer both lessons for students looking to undertake grades, as well as tuition for those students who simply want to learn that piano for their own personal interests.

If you or your child are thinking of taking up an instrument, the piano is often a great one to start off with. It enables students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to develop. There are many rewards to reap. Aside from the personal fulfilment received from learning an instrument, there has been much research done on how learning music strengthens the brain, especially if starting from a young age.

Improved social skills, a higher IQ, and an improved ability to pick up new languages are among the many benefits attributed to learning music (google it!). Studies even show that adults who haven't played an instrument since childhood are still benefitting decades later. If you're an adult, picking up an instrument can be an escape from the stress of everyday life, something to immerse yourself in where you can find fulfillment. No matter what age, music can help you.

Finally, learning to play the piano is a commitment, it requires dedicating some of your time each week to come for lessons, as well as practising at home. It also requires a genuine desire to learn the instrument, giving you the motivation to succeed during the learning progress - though you are welcome to come and try a few lessons to see if playing the piano "is for you" should you wish.

To find out more about my lessons simply get in touch by emailing me on

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